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Puppy Naming Vote Complete

Our precious puppies from the R litter have their new names!
The winning names are displayed in bold below.

Puppy #1

Male: I am the biggest of all my litter mates. I am very gentle however I don't let my litter mates push me around. I like my comfort zone and would rather have them try things first then I will join them. The world is a big place so I think I'll just take my time to explore it.

Name Votes
Roy 70
Roger 54
Reuben 8

Puppy #2

Female: I am very gentle and not pushy like my brothers and sister.  I love to explore the out doors but I stay close to my human. I am learning to wait for my food but every now and again I just have to jump, my legs just spring into action and up I go. My Human always smiles when this happens however I still a pup.

Name Votes
Rachel 20
River 10
Rainy 2

Puppy #3

Female: I love my humans and want to close to them but my favorite time is when they hold me.  It may take me a minute or so to process new and different objects then I have not problem investigating them. The world has a lot to offer and I want to learn all about it.

Name Votes
Ruby 0
Rose 15
Reva 8

Puppy #4

Male: I am easy going and take things as they come. I love new things and learn fast, but my favorite thing to do is climb! I look forward to all that I get to do and see. The name was changed to Ras because Roy was used twice and is given in honor of:

James Edward Houser

Name Votes
Ryker 8
Ras 70
Raider 51